About ME

I was born and raised outside of Baltimore, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay.  Growing up on the water gave me an appreciation for spending time outdoors and Maryland blue crabs.  During my time at Drexel University, I spent six months in San Francisco as an intern at Zynga. I loved the city – the natural beauty of California, the hiking and biking trails and the parks all drew me in immediately.

After graduating college, I returned to San Francisco and Zynga with my then fiancé, now wife.  We were married in October 2016 in one of our favorite parks in the city.  We have loved taking advantage of the outdoor lifestyle California offers, including access to hiking, biking, skiing and wine country.  We also love spending time at home with our two cats, Lily and Kate.

I feel very lucky to have found happiness in my professional and personal life.  I have been passionate about working in the game industry since I first started making mods for Halo 2.  Since then I have loved building multiple games as a student at Drexel and professionally at Zynga.  I enjoy the technical challenge of making games where you always have a new problem to solve, and working collaboratively with a great team to bring the vision to life.