Gygan Reign is a multiplayer real-time strategy game where you control your forces by drawing paths.  Players can place towers on the map which expands their territory.  Once the tower is placed a path is automatically drawn between the tower and the enemy Gygan, which serves as their base.  At the beginning of the next wave a unit will spawn and follow the path and attack anything in range along the way.  Players can easily modify these paths to target where they want to focus their units.  The objective is do enough damage to the opposing team's Gygans before they can do the same to you.

Gygan Reign started as a senior design project during my last year of college.  A team of 3 engineers and 6 artists built a playable demo over the course of a year and presented it at the Intel Student Showcase at GDC 2015.  Since then some of us have continued development on Gygan Reign with the goal to publish it to a wider audience.