Mafia Wars is a mobile MMO where players can compete to control real cities.  Players can build up their base, train troops and join an alliance to take over the city and become the kingpin.  I worked on Mafia Wars from prototype through production until it was ultimately shut down.


  • I focused primarily on client infrastructure and gameplay features.
  • I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of features including chat, news feed, global and individual events, quests, hero skills and gear and more.
  • I built an extension of Unity's UI framework which included some must have features like a scroll-view that recycled elements, the ability to change UI styles globally across all UI prefabs and support for emojis.
  • In between features I often worked on client infrastructure and optimizations; including fonts and localization, asset management and asset bundles, and improvements to the loading process to get players in the game faster.
Mafia Wars_2017-07-19-19-12-22.png
Mafia Wars_2017-07-19-19-08-36.png
Mafia Wars_2017-07-19-19-12-37.png
Mafia Wars_2017-07-19-19-12-52.png
Mafia Wars_2017-07-18-22-10-27.png